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    NVIDIA card and CS5

    brown565 Level 1

      Hello, which newest NVIDIA cards work best with CS5?  The video cards listed for NVIDIA are old...




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not sure what you are really asking. All of them "work", given you have installed them correctly, but "best"? It's pretty much a moot point, at least with AE. It uses OpenGL so sparingly, it's really irrelevant. Every contemporary card will fullfill these requirements. You could throw in a 3 year old card from the 20 bucks budget tray and you'd see no difference to a 400 buck higher-end one. That pretty much applies not only to AE, but to some extent to Photoshop and all otehr programs. The only notable exception here would be Premiere Pro if you want to use the Mercury playback engine, but if you don't - well, save some money, buy at best a mid-range card.



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            brown565 Level 1

            Thanks Mylenium -- that helps, but more to the point, Adobe's website lists NVIDIA cards that are all "out-of-date", so I was hoping there might be a more up-to-date card that has had more success.  But, if it really doesn't matter that much what video card you choose, I guess it's irrelevant.

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

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