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    AIR Application Handling external URLs of a certain protocol

    arvid terzibaschian Level 1

      Hi there!


      I would like to make my application to react on external links clicked in a browser.

      What I already managed is, that my application is associated with a certain file extension. But I would like to extend this.


      I read something about starting and/or invoking the AIR app from a browser via an embedded flash in a webpage and using <allowBrowserInvocation>

      That is not working for me, though, because I would like react on simple links which the users would share to each other, e.g.:


      User1 is posting a link like <a href="CustomProtocol://hello_world"/> somewhere in the internet (f.ex. facebook) and User2 is clicking on that link, then invoking the application on his browser processing the links data (pretty much like a custom protocol handler for windows, firefox and other systems)


      Is something like this possible, or may there be some workaround?


      I already thought about providing a customizeable swf which is invoking my app with parameters set by the link, so for example

      User1 is posting a link <a href="http://myserver.org/parametrizeSwfInvoke.php?params="test"/>TEST</a> and when the User2 clicks on the link, parametrizeSwfInvoke.php will provide a dynamically generated HTML page providing the URL parameters to an embedded "invoke.swf" object or something like this. This might work but is complicated for me and for the users, so I am seeking for a cleaner solution.


      Thanks in advance for any help,