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    Automated build and CSXS manifest file

    ViolinistJohn Level 1

      I have a Premiere Pro extension and have it building on a build server using the command line FlashBuildC.exe and the signing tool.  This works well but for one problem.  The build does not copy the manifest into the bin-release folder.  So when I try to install the extension using Extension Manager I get an error saying it must have a manifest.


      I got round this initially by manually copying the CSXS folder from my bin-debug into bin-release and the install works.  BUT... if I modify the manifest I have to remember to log on to the build server and copy this file again.  This is not right as what I want the copy to happen automarically.


      So do I need to:

      1. Add a copy command to my build batch file?  If so I assume I copy the folder in .staged-extension?


      2. Should I be forcing my build to happen in .staged-extension? - this seems wrong to me.


      3. Is there some piece of magic that can do this for me in the exportReleaseBuild command?