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    Another Hard drive setup question

    kmaultsby@live.com Level 1

      For some reason using the PPBM testing I getting poor performace using my Intel onboad raid 5 controller.  I am using mostly AVCHD material.  I am  also new this. But here is what I have 4x1TB for raid 5 I also have room to install two more hard drives either raid 0 or 1 or just keep them seperated.  I also have 1 G TECH 250gig  external hard drive firewire 400. When I download AVCHD files to my computer would be a good Idea to download files one of the extra hard drive instead of directly to the raid 5 drive and then import them into the project that way? For best performace is it a good idea to move media cache and previews off the raid 5? I also read from other post that the onboard Intel raid controller is not best for using raid 5 for video.