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    ADE - multiple page numbers on each screen

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      Hello Adobe ADE forum discussions -


      Helping an author set up his eBook with the published files already used to print hardcopy. We sent his PDF files to a publishing services company, who sent us back the EPUB file. When we view that file in ADE, there are multiple page numbers in the right margin of each screen. We asked the publishing services company about this, they told us ADE adds page numbers and that they cannot help us. It seems wrong that each screenful of text that would be part of one page in the printed book will now have 3 or 4 page numbers in the right margin.


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          Regarding small numbers that appear in the right margin of each screen - I have just seen this on an epub created by Adobe InDesign CS5.  When the small numbers overlap the epub text, the (important) epub text is grayed out behind the small (useless) number.  ADE is I don't see it on any other viewer and when the epub was successfully converted (after lots of code editing) to Kindle mobi (via Calibre), it doesn't appear.  How does one turn off this "feature"?


          I regard this as a serious bug in ADE, rendering ADE useless.