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    What happened to Commmand-F12 Preview, CS5?


      I should know by now, especially with Adobe, that "Upgrade" can often mean exactly the opposite, and that you can forget about making better time than before. So, ok, I give up: what happened to the F12 preview? You know, the one where you want to check your work, hit Command-F12 and it launches the movie in your default browser? Now (CS5)  it launches the HTML in DreamWeaver. I don't want to see the HTML in DreamWeaver. That's not a "Preview". I want to see it the correct way, the way the outdated, inferior versions of Flash knew how to do it.


      Anyone know how I can correct this?





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          When I use Command-F12, it launches a preview in Firefox. I suspect the difference is in how your system is set to open HTML files. Try finding an HTML file on your system and changing the default program (make sure to hit Apply To All). If you aren't sure how to do that, I could tell you, but I'm not sure if you're on Windows or Snow Leopard. After you've changed the default program, try using Command-F12 and see what happens.

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            Cayce Level 1

            Yeah, I figured that would probably be the answer. It wasn't that way before I upgraded to CS5. I didn't try it because I really didn't want to find out they did something that dumb. I open more HTML files in DreamWeaver than in a browser, so I've got the system set up to open them in DW. Fllash-CS4 knew how to tell the difference, and that's what I finished out the day on.


            They need to correct that. In DW you can go so far as to specify the particular browser you want to preview in by default. They should either do that with Flash or at least give the Publish Preview > Flash option a key command.


            Thanks for that feedback.



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              jvonmutius Level 1

              Agreed. Sometimes I wonder if they consult any product users before they make changes and "upgrades."