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    2 single pages, then spreads possible?


      For a PDF ebook, I'd like to have the layout be like this:

      Jacket front (single page), Page 1 (single page), Page 2–31 (spreads), page 32 (single), Jacket back (single).


      I can get the pagination right by having the Jacket front be page i. But I can't get Acrobat to allow this sequence:

      Single page; single page; several spreads (with 2 page numbers per spread); single page; single page.


      Acrobat will only allow 1 single page, multiple spreads, 1 single page.


      The only workaround so far is to add a blank page to the left of page 1 and one to the right of page 32, which is pretty clunky. Any better ideas? (Guess I could fill the blank pages with something...)