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    Page View defaults don't work


      I am trying to get documents to open in single page view by default, but even when I save it in Edit > Preferences, every time I open a document, it reverts to two page view. This is really annoying.


      Also, when I am part way through reading a document, and I close it, when I open it again, I want it to do so on the same page, NOT go back to the first page.


      Both of these features worked just fine on Reader 9, but they do not work on X.


      This is a bug, NOT a feature.


      I am rolling back to Reader 9 until someone fixes this.

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          smartcooky99 Level 1

          So ten days and still no answer


          I rolled back to Reader 9 and now it is doing the same thing. Reader X has "contaminated" my computer


          I have noticed that some documents work and some don't. This leads me to beleive that the documents themselves are overriding my default settings.


          This is very, very annoying and is badly affecting the work that I do. Having to change page views settings and scroll through hundreds and hundreds of pages looking for my start point, and having to do so 50+ times per day is becoming tedious.


          This never used to happen on previous versions of Adobe Reader, so why have they changed it for this one.


          If this is not fixed soon, I will be forced to find an alternative reader for PDF documents, one that acts the way I want it to act.