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    How many MCs , how to avoid aborting script


      Does anybody know how many movieclips one can expect the player to cope with. That's a bit of a spageti question i know, sorry.

      I pull data from a MySQL database and create a clip for each record, based on a zoom level. The further the user zooms out the longer it takes to create the MCs, untill eventually you get warned about impending unresponsiveness and asked if you would like to cancel the script. (when recreating, say, about 2000 MCs on this machine)

      Saying no, usually all is well after a few seconds - on my machine at least. But if you select 'yes', everything comes to a grinding halt. As last prize i would like to at least avoid that from happening.

      As each MC contains a small textfield, I thought it might just be the rediculous amount of antialiasing that must be happening mucking things up. So when going beyond a certain zoom level I experimented with creating a basic grey rectangle to replace the textfield, based on the textfield's dimensions, before removing the textfield. The text becomes illegible at that scale anyway. This didn't help :-(

      All of this is happening in a for loop, in a swf running 30 fps. Should I perhaps be splitting the loop that calls the function that creates the MCs, or something?

      Or should I be looking at building a raster image from the incomming data? (Ieeerk!, no idea how one would do that!):confused:

      Its up here netVerse.

      Any advice MUCH appreciated!

      Andre SC