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    Creating captions


      I am using Premiere Elements 8 and am clearly clueless about something. Stitching together parts of an interview into a whole, I want to begin each snippet with a caption. I managed to create the first one in a style to my liking and began using the Clipboard to duplicate it for subsequent uses. Someone out there is probably already laughing at me, knowing what I am about to say: my captions are all joined at the hip; when I change the text in one of them, they all change. I need my captions to all look the same but say different things!


      Over the course of a five-minute interview, I will need six captions and I want them to all have the same look (32pt type, slightly condensed, with a 50% transparent black rectangle behind it). There's got to be a better way than what I have been trying...



      Rick A.

      Pleasanton CA

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          You read my mind. Good job, and I hoped you were going, where I was thinking.


          This is an easy fix. Do the Title, to suit you, and then go to Export>Save Title, which will create a Title Template. It will have the Text from your Saved Title, but will edit in Titler. Just Import that Title Template (PTRL file), as many times as you need, and I would alter the name to suite, maybe _01, _02, etc. Edit each to suit, and drag to the Timeline.


          What you have now is several Instances of that one Title, and they are linked. That works to one's advantage with some situations. Say you have a Title, "Meanwhile, back at the Raunch," and have used it a dozen times, like in old Western films. Suddenly, you realize that it should have been "Meanwhile, back at the RANCH." One change, takes care of all those Instances.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As a PS, PrPro has one neat feature in Titler, a "Based On Current Title" icon, that easily allows one to do multiple separate Titles, but based on the one loaded, without having to do a Title Template, though one can do that too. I have filed Feature Requests for that one icon in PrE's Titler (especially as it's in PrPro), but so far it has not been added.


            Also, one can use PS/PSE to create Titles as PSD's. Now, while those Import nicely into PrE, all editing must be done back in PS/PSE, so one could do the graphics, and then just alter the Text Layer (one can easily do Layer Comps in PS, but do not know if PSE offers those), and then just Import all those titles as graphic PSD files.


            Good luck,



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              Robert J. Johnston Level 3

              Use the Duplicate command in the Project panel where your assets are listed instead of the copy/paste commands.


              Select the Title in the Project panel, then right-click on the Title, then select "Duplicate" from the pop-up menu. Drag the duplicate to the timeline. The duplicates should not update when you change the original.