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    Jewel Size Contact Sheet in Photoshop Elements 8


      I watched a video that stated Photoshop Elements 8 will let you set columns and rows for a contact sheet using Contact Sheet II. I loved having this feature with 2.0 so I upgraded from 6.0 to 8.0 thinking this feature would be available. Problem is when I am in EDITOR and go to file, automation tools, this option and export option are grayed out. Can anyone explain why these are grayed out and how to fix?


      The only option I noticed from the Organizer is to print multiple pages and select contact sheet, however, what would be the correct paper size for the size of a jewel case CD? If I choose CD/DVD, 80 mm, it brings up a gray box but you can't see the photo images in it.  I don't see size 4.75x4.75.


      I loved having the feature in 2.0 where you could set the number of both rows and columns for a jewel size CD case to put with my pictures that were on the CD and that's the only reason I upgraded from 6 to 8 because I thought this feature was added back.


      Please let me know if you know of a way to accomplish this with 8.0 and if anything can be done about the automation tools and export tools being grayed out.


      Thanks in advance.