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    CS4 Install errors in Windows 7 - Need help!


      I just got this great new ASUS G73JW laptop with windows 7 home premium on it, 8 gigs of Ram, Intel Core I7, Nvidia 480 video card.  One of my biggest reasons for getting it was to run CS4 Master Collection on it so i can work from the road.  However, each time I try installing CS4 I get the same errors about certain applications not being installed.  It comes up with an error and says "could not install the following applications" and of course all the applications it can't install are Photoshop, Flash, Premere, After Effects, etc.  Bascally none of the programs will install with the exception of Media encoder, flash player and media player.


      I've gone on the interenet to find help and have tried using the clean tool to clean out the entire installation, I tried running it in different modes for Vista, and XP but everytime it comes up with the same errors.  Can anyone help with some ideas on how to install this successfully?

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          I'm having a similar problem. I'm trying to load CS4 Design Premium onto a Toshiba i7 running Windows 7, 4GB ram. An installation error appears about halfway through Disk 1. Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Illustrator will not install. Adobe Support Advisor identified the error as UninstallColorProfilesRollback and referred me to kb403891.


          I was unable to follow Solution 1 because I didn't have permission to remove the files. I followed Solution 2, but was still unable to remove the files described in solution 1.


          I would appreciate any possible assistance.

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            I have the exact same issue with a Dell windows 7 , i7 - 12 GB ram machine.  I've tried Solution 1 about 3 times.   Doesn't help.