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    Import From Catalog - NOT recognizing duplicates- help!

      I've been using LR since the beginning and recently teaching the wonderful capabilities of "Importing from Catalog".

      I have a student who works on his local machine in a "working catalog"  and when he's ready to backup his changes / new photos to an external  drive, he opens up his "master catalog" on an external and "IMPORTS FROM  CATALOG"(local catalog on his machine}.

      I personally use and teach this workflow as it should update existing  files, and import new files.  However, when he selects to import from  another catalog, it does not recognize the duplicates.  The files are  originally from ana iPhoto file or even from his media card, and neither  catalog recognizes that each has the same files. Instead, it imports  with a -2 at the end of the filename.  He IS using the latest version of  3.3.

      To boot, the filename, metadata creation and edit times are all EXACTLY  the same.  According to LR as I know it,
      "Don’t Import New Photos
      Only photos that exist in the current catalog are imported. Lightroom determines a photo is a duplicate (already in the catalog) if it has the same, original filename; the same EXIF capture date and time; and the same file size."

      - ideas???  As he is organizing for the first time, we're  talking about hundreds, even thousands of possible duplicates that are  not being recognized - help!  I have never been so stumped as I use this  regularly myself - why wouldn't it be working for him?!!?

      THANK YOU!