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    Which is the best way to encode batch videos on server side?



      I am making a general  question since I am a developer and I have no advance experience  on  video elaboration. I have to preparare a web application with the  purpose to allow video files upload on our company server and then video  elaboration by server, on user command. The purpose of the web  application is to allow to the user to make some elaboration on video  depending on user action launch from the web app:

      1. (server has to ) convert video in different format(mp4, flv...)

      2. extact keyframes from video and saves them in jpeg format

      3.possibility to extract audio from video

      4.automatic control of quality audio & video (black frames,silences detection)

      5. change scene detection and keyframe extraction


      This  what's my bosses wanted from the web based application (with the server  support obviously), and I understand only the first 3 points of this  list, the rest for me was arabic....


      My question is: Which is the best and fastest server side application for this works, that can support multiple batch video conversions, from  command line (comand line for php-soap-socket interaction or something  else..)?

      Is suitable Adobe Media Server for batch video conversion?

      Which are adobe products that can be used for this purpose?


      Note:  I have experience with Indesign Server scripting programing (sending  xml with php and soap call...), and I am looking to something similiar  for video elaboration.


      I will appreciate any answers.