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    Pie Chart size problem


      I have two pie charts, both of them having different data providers. The requirement is to keep the size (i.e. diameter/width/height ) of both the pie charts same. Both the Pie charts have callout labels. I specify the same width and height for both the pie charts but still the problem persists. Even if somehow i manage to make both the pie charts look similar in size, the size changes as soon as there is data change and the number of call out labels increase or decrease. I really want to fix the size of both the pie charts, it is indispensable.

      Is there anyone out there who can suggest a way to come out of this hole.

      I really need some help.

      Thanks in advance guys for your patience and helping me out.

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          BhaskerChari Level 4

          Hi anshu,


          Can you please post a sample test case reproducing your problem..??




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            anshusaini Level 1

            Thanks Bhaskar for giving your time.

            The problem is I have two pie charts with callout labels and i want both of them of same size.

            But their size changes as the no. of call out labels change. With less number of labels pie chart is bigger in size and with more labels pie chart squeezes, that is where the problem is. I dont want the pie chart to squeeze or for that matter expand with the increase or decrease in callout labels(increase or decrease of number of pies).

            Any help is highly appreciated.

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              anshusaini Level 1

              Ok Bhaskar, let me make it more simple.

              I have two pie charts with call out labels.

              How can i make both of them equal in size. No. of call out labels can vary.

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                BhaskerChari Level 4

                Hi anshu,


                Sorry I was out for some time..


                I undertand your problem but I think the only solution for it is you need to remove the CallOut labels...for PieChart because as the CallOut labels increases in your chart based on data then automatically the actual pi width gets reduced.





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                  anshusaini Level 1

                  Well Bhasker thanks again for your time.

                  But the thing is it looks like you just can not ma

                  ke two pie charts equal in size if they are showing dynamic data.

                  I removed labelPosition="callout" and fixed the height and width of both the charts to the same value but still the charts came out with different sizes(diameter).

                  So back to square one.