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    creating a counter


      i already posted this before but that seems to only work on counters and button clicks in the same scene


      i am using actionscript 1 and 2

      i have created 18 scenes

      scene 3 to 7 are questions

      each time an answer is correctly answered, the counter should increase by 1


      i want scene 18 to have the number of answers answered correctly



      when you click on the correct answer on 3, i want the counter in scene 18 to increase by 1


      the actionscript already on the correct answer is:


      on (release) {
           gotoAndPlay ("Scene 3", 4);


      so far i have created a counter on scene 18 with the actionscript on the timeline with a dynamic text box with nothing else done to it:


      _root.counter = 0;


      a button to go back to the start of the quiz and to reset the counter back to 0 is on scne 18 with the actionscript:


      on (release) {
           _root.counter = 0;
           gotoAndStop ("Scene 2", 1);


      state anything i have done wrong and suggest a way to correct it

      thank you for your help