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    Spark DropDownList label colour on "over" event, but no "over" event exists?!?

    Chris Callaghan

      I'm making a set of custom skins for a spark dropdown list, but I can't see where I change the color.over for the labelDisplay?!?


      What I have is a black DropDownList with a black background and cyan text - this is the normal state. When the users hovers over the DropDownList while it is still closed, I want it to invert so the background to go cyan and the text to go black. I can get the background to change in the DropDownList's DropDownListButtonSkin, but I can't find where I change the text.


      Normally I would expect this to be in the DropDownListButtonSkin component where there is an "over" state, and I just change the colour of the labelDisplay component there.


      However, the DropDownListButtonSkin doesnt contain a labelDisplay component as this is in the parent - the main DropDownListSkin.... but this skin doesnt have an "over" state, so how do I control the colour of the label when the user moves their mouse over it?!?


      Many thanks in advance for your help!