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    Automated Build / Source Control Problem


      I am attempting to automate the build of of a Flash Builder 4 application based on the following: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flashbuilder/using/WSbde04e3d3e6474c4-59108b2e1215eb9d5e4-8000 .html


      This works fine when I have a workspace which contains my target project and I have used the workspace in Adobe Flash Build 4 Premium. However, when we check the source out of source control platform, it doesn't work.


      I have also noticed that when we open the checked out workspace in Flash Builder 4 it doesn't automatically import the project - which I susspect may be the cause of the problem.


      The files I have in source control are:


      \Flex (workspace root)

      \Flex\FlexViewer (flex project)





      \Flex\FlexViewer\.settings (and sub files)

      \Flex\FlexViewer\html-templates (and sub files)

      \Flex\FlexViewer\libs (and sub files)

      \Flex\FlexViewer\src (and sub files)


      I've been advised not to add the .metadata folders into source control.


      So which files should I include so that my workspace recognises the FlexViewer project?





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          Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee



          This is a limitation in our command line build system. There's no easy way short of writing an Eclipse plugin that specifically adds a new task which imports a project (I know someone who did this, but hasn't released his work).


          For now, you need a workspace which has the project imported. You can replace all of the files you mentioned from source control, but don't re-create the workspace. (and yes, don't check in .metadata unless you know what those files do)