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    Repeating a field value


      Hello all!  Looking for another simple script -- just one I haven't done before!     


      I need a script that will populate a field on additional pages.  That way the customer will not have to retype on six additional pages.


      The initial field is called "ProviderID".  This field needs to populate the additional fields.  I have tried the following script on an "onBlur" trigger, but it did not work:  (I set this up in the Properties, Actions tab as an "onBlur" trigger and "run a javascript" action on the "ProviderID" field.)


      function updateProviderID(id){
      var tmpProviderID = id.value
      document.getElementById('ProviderID-Part2-pg1').value = tmpProviderID
      document.getElementById('ProviderID-Part2-pg2').value = tmpProviderID
      document.getElementById('ProviderID-Part2-pg3').value = tmpProviderID
      document.getElementById('ProviderID-Part2-pg4').value = tmpProviderID
      document.getElementById('ProviderID-Part2-pg5').value = tmpProviderID
      document.getElementById('ProviderID-Part2-pg6').value = tmpProviderID