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    (How can we) Import Flash Professional .FLA file format?


      How can we import a Flash Professional .fla file format into Flash Catalyst? It would appear that we can't...at least not yet! I have added this as a feature request within the adobe labs site for Catalyst. Someone at Adobe suggested that I also explore the forums, so here we are. If you would also like to have this feature added, please let Adobe know by promoting the



      Our use case is this: we have a large Flash file with a library of over one thousand skins and assets that were built in Flash with Adobe's Flex Skins Templates. These stateful, graphical skins were used within a custom theme by several Flex 3 projects.


      Now that we are looking to migrate to FlashBuilder 4, and start to use Spark components, we are trying to find a workflow that allows us to use Adobe tools and to reuse our existing vector artwork. Since we have such a large number of assets, we are exploring various approaches, including the use of JSFL. So far we haven't found a good way to migrate from Flash-built skins for Flex 3 to Catalyst-built skins for FlashBuilder 4.