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    (How can we) Extend or Script Flash Catalyst (like JSFL for Flash Professional)


      How can we extend or script Flash Catalyst like JSFL for Flash Professional? It doesn't seem like we can just yet. I have added this as a feature request within the Adobe Labs Ideas site for Catalyst. Someone at Adobe suggested that I also explore the forums, so here we are. If you would also like to have this feature added, please let Adobe know by promoting the



      Our use case is this: we have a large Flash file with a library of over one thousand skins and assets that were built in Flash with Adobe's Flex Skins Templates. These stateful, graphical skins were used within a custom theme by several Flex 3 projects.


      Due to the large number of assets, we have chosen to exploer JSFL as an option for automating the exporting these symbols out of Flash Pro. Looking ahead, we would naturally like to also be able to automate the importing of these assets into Flash Catalyst. Importing and exporting functionality would be primary, followed by possibly the conversion of artwork to components.