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    Zoom buttons sticking - 10.0.1 for Mac


      Anyone experiencing this? I think I recall the same thing happening with Adobe Reader version 9 (the last release).


      On the other hand, the keyboard shortcuts (Command- and Command+) work correctly.

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          Karan Malik Adobe Employee

          Is it that you are experiencing this issue after applying 10.0.1 update. Was the issue also in Reader version 10.0.0 (before update)

          I tried on my mac machine and it was working fine. Can you please elaborate what exactly you mean by buttons sticking. Is it that you are finding much delay in pressing the button and then getting the output. I do not see any such issue on my iMAC. please provide your system details and chaek whether the issue is with any specific pdf file or all files.




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            SomeoneOrOther Level 1

            I do believe this "bug" was there with 10.0.0. But....it was also there in version 9.0 (yet the hand tool in version 9 also "stuck" when you used it to scroll up and down the page).


            Now, what I mean by "sticking": when you press Plus or Minus (to zoom in, zoom away), whichever button goes grey when you click it (normal), but the zooming action does not work. Instead, nothing happens, and the button instelf, when you click it again, doesn't respond (it's as if it's frozen). If you click it multiple times, eventually, it un-freezes itself. This occurs with both the plus and minus buttons.


            I guess I could try to un-install and re-install Reader, but if you have access to a Mac, you may want to try this yourself. I'd be surprised that I'm the only one experiencing this.

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              SomeoneOrOther Level 1

              My system details:


              MacBook 4,1 (MacBook Early 2008)

              Snow Leopard 10.6.6

              Reader 10.0.1


              Issue does not appear to be isolated to a specific PDF.


              If I click Plus or Minus several times in a row, after a long pause, what appears to happen is it unsticks itself and the zooming "very quickly catches up with itself". So example, if I zoom in several times, it will go from 100% to 250% in "boom, boom, boom" very rapid succession.


              Maybe I can play around with a PDF at my local Apple Store to rule out the possibility on my side.


              But if you've already said that you don't see the problem on your iMac, I don't know what to say.