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    Users can't open their W-2's online


      I work in a public library.  When patrons use our public computers to download their W-2's from an employer they get an error prompting them to download Adobe reader.  We had this problem with 9.4.  When we upgraded to Reader X it resolved some of the issues, but some patrons still can't open their W-2's.  It doesn't seem to be specific to one website.  When some

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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee



          I am not able to understand your issue completely. Please correct me if I am wring, but as far as I understand your problem, you are saying that even though you have Adobe Reader X installed on your system, you are still being prompted to download Adobe Reader? Could you share a screenshot of the error message your are receiving.


          Also, you stated that you are not able to view PDFs inspite of having installed Adobe Reader X. Is the same happening for PDFs present on your local system or only for online PDFs?


          Thanks in advance


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            ASCPL-IT-LvrWAM Level 1

            This is not my machine specifically.  This is in regards to our public machines for our library patrons. I don't have a screen shot to send, because we don't know about it until later.  Essentially when a patron goes to an employer's website to download their W-2's they are prompted to install Adobe Reader.  Patron's received this message when we had Reader 9.4.1 installed.  We upgraded the machines to Reader X.  It solved that for some websites, but others still got prompts.