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    Hide the "fm_gen_NNN" colors in the color definitionss window

    becky a. edmondson Level 1

      Using FM 9.0p255


      My documents are full of overlapping conditions, which means that my color definitions window is terribly cluttered with "fm_gen_nnn" color definitions. According to the MIF user guide, the overlapping conditions spawn these color defs.


      It's not possible to permanently eliminate these junk color definitions. If you save as MIF, strip them out, and then reopen the file, there they are again.


      Request: please *hide* all these "fm_gen_nnn" color definitions in the color defs window.


      They are of no use to anyone, and they make it hard to use the window.


      And I *need* to use that window, because I am creating CMYK files that are printed and have to fiddle with color defs all the time.


      Thanks very much,


      Becky Edmondson

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