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    Bad Windows Media output from HDV1080i footage

    Olivervideo Level 1



      I have the problem that windows media codec output from HDV 1440x1020 25i footage is very poor, i.e. it has a "blocky" or "pixel" appearance. I use the WMV codec to produce small-size videos typically in 640x480 resolution with 1500 kbps and even if not viewed enlarged on the screen the quality is very poor. I don't have this problem when rendering 1080 25p footage with wmv 640x480 1500 kbps so I think it has something to do with the interlaced source. However, my project settings are OK.


      I have already tried several codec parameter changes without success.


      I now that wmv can do better; the pinnacle studio wmv output at the same frame size & bitrate renders a much better, that is, smoother ouput appearance.


      Does somebody has an advice?