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    Conform error on dynamic linked AE file

    Matt Petersen Level 3

      W64, CS5 MC


      We do a weekly news story which has the same title plates week after week.


      Each week, after I cut the story, I import a sequence from an earlier project made up of opening and closing titles, a logo watermark, and same intro music. Part of the sequence is two After Effects CS5 comps.


      Each time I open ANY project which contains these AE sequences I get the little red cross bottom right corner, which says:


      "An unspecified error occurred while performing a conform action on the following file: D:\my_file_path\my_AE_File my_AE_file 48000_15.CFA"


      Note that the end part of the message, 48000_15.CFA is not known to me (I didn't name a file that way).


      I've cleared the cache files and cleaned the cache database.


      Anyone have a clue what's going on here?


      Matthew P