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    Publishing Catalyst: browser navigation/seo questions


      How do you enable the browser navigation so a user can return to the previous page or move forward with the browser buttons. Also, the url is the same for each page. I have a project with multiple pages and I would like to make each page contain a specific link like xyz.com/home (when on the home page) and xyz.com/pictures (when in the gallery), etc... that way I can make external links to specific content on my site.


      Also, I am concerned as to how the seo will turn out with my catalyst site. Do you have a simple example as to how I will be able to include my site in an organic search. Excuse my lack of knowledge in this area. Any information as to how I will be able utilize seo with my catalyst project is much appreciated!


      Lastly, what is the best way to increase the intial loading speed of my site?