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    Recommendation on how to use my HDTV for use with color correction



      Basically I was looking for advice on how to best use my setup to view how my edited videos in CS5 video will appear on NTSC tvs






      I have a Sony Vaio laptop and near it is my 32” Panasonic LCD 720p tv. I wanted to incorporate the Panasonic into my setup to view the edited material for use in color correction. Nothing critical but to get a general good idea how things will look.




      What I wanted to do was use the HDMI Vaio output into my TV and extend the desktop to effectively have one big display. Then launch Premiere, go into Playback settings and set my Realtime Playback External Device to my Panasonic HDTV.  This should create a fullscreen output on the secondary monitor that is perfectly in time with the Program Monitor.




      Doing the above would I still run into the problem of not outputting the correct color workspace? Instead of the YUV I would still be in RGB and thus couldn’t color correct? I read the Matrox devices are suppose to solve that but then I read a whole list of issues with them(That they don’t actually calibrate your HDTV correctly/buggy software with Premiere)





      Any recommendations on how to make a Laptop and 32” 720p HDTV work the best for Color Correction?








      http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-electronics/support/Televisions/VIERA-LCD-HDTVs/Technic al-Specification/model.TC-32LX85.T#ts


      Panasonic TV Specs^^



      http://http://www.sonystyle.com/wcsstore/SonyStyleStorefrontAssetStore/img/vaioimage/stati c_images/f_series/f_specs_bkg.jpg


      Sony Vaio Outputs^^