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    NoticeThis Level 1
      Hi All!


      I'm currently setting up my website through dreamweaver. My host is VentraIP and they use Cpanel (if you are familiar with these)


      It's an online business therefore i need to add an ecommerce page to list my products and people can buy from there. How do i go about doing this with dreamweaver? Can i add something from cpanel (installatron) and connect them? or is it best to go all through dreamweaver somehow?


      Has anyone done the same and can give me some advice?


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          garywpaul Level 5

          I would suggest you look at some "in the box" type packages for the store.  I would look at http://www.cartweaver.com which is supposed to work well with dreamweaver.


          You could build a store using dreamweaver, but I get the sense you are not "up to that chapter" yet.




          On Edit.  I should have mentioned that web assit has just come out with Cashie, which is said to be a premade store, it is free for get however you pay them 1% of the sales, which is very reasonable compared to others out there.