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    Why Won't My Flash Animation Animate in After Effects?


      I made a flash animation of a character walking, exported it as .swf, made sure it worked in the flash player, and imported it into After Effects.  I used keyframes to map out where I wanted my character to walk.  I played it back, first using space bar, then using 0, and my character didn't animate.


      I didn't script anything.  I was trying to follow these directions to create a walk animation:  http://www.lashf.com/page/animation/walk_run_cycles

      At step 4 the guy said, " I won't delve into how to create each frame of the  cycle because for one thing, you can have a look at the fla. that I  enclose at the end of the tutorial, and for another it's not that hard.  I'm sure you can do that!"  I didn't download his project because I already know how keyframes work, I knew what I needed to do to make my animation walk the way I wanted it to walk.  From there I right clicked on the movie clip, clicked "Export SWF...", and named it.


      How can I can I get my character to animate when I preview my work in After Effects?  Was there something I should have done while in Flash to make it work in  After Effects? 


      Programs:  Adobe After Effects CS4 Professional, Adobe Flash CS4 Professional




      P.S:  This is my first time using Flash and After Effects together.

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          moccamaximum Level 5

          You can`t have any interaction with your swf after its imported in After Effects, so forget about starting or stopping the animation of your character. After effects only looks at the timeline and nothing else. If you want to simulate a certain character movement and need the mouse or keyboard to do so, you won`t get around a screenrecorder (fraps, camatasia) to save it as a videofile and afterwards import that video in AE

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            Export your animation as a .mov or .gif file and

            you can import either of those formats into After Effects.


            If I recall, After Effects only recognizes what's on the first layer and those frames on the timeline.  So if you have an animation that has a nested structure: ie a movieclip on your main timeline you may only get that first frame when it's imported into AfterEffects (something I remember running into in a past version of After Effects).