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    Text imitating two wheels of a car

    P_Forrest Level 1

      Before I bought the CS-5 Production Pro Suite last October, I remember browsing on the Adobe site and seeing a page of "animated titles" for Premiere Pro text.   I remember seeing that one could make the TEXT imitate the two wheels of a car.  Was I seeing things?   I can't find seem to find this page at all or anything in PremPro CS5.  Can someone please help!  Thanks in advance.





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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Do not know the page that you refer to, but I'd use this workflow:


          Instead of Titles, I'd do a Frame Export, showing the two tires, and then bring that into Photoshop, where I'd remove everything but the tires, revealing Transparency for the car, and add the Text on a Circle Path, that matches the tires. Then, do a Save_As PSD (you can Flatten now, or upon Import into PrPro), and Import into PrPro. Position (Effect>Motion>Position) if necessary, and then add the Effect>Motion>Rotation.


          Of course, if the auto is moving across the screen, you would need to Keyframe this to match, and if NOT moving in a linear fashion, Basic 3D would be useful.


          This is also something that I would probably Composite in AE, as it allows Motion Tracking, and some other features.


          Maybe one of the Adobe folk will know the exact tutorial, that you refer to.


          Good luck,



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            cvid01 Level 4

            Look at the text animations in After Effects..

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              P_Forrest Level 1

              Thanks a million, cvid01!


              No wonder I didn't find anything because I was always searching for text animations and Premiere Pro.    I got mixed up.   I found what I want!  Thanks a lot!


              Reel-To-Reel 2


              I'm glad to see I wasn't going mad after all.   Just slightly loopy...  hehe




              PS:  Thanks Hunt!