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    "Preview in Browser" using Parallels


      I'm using DWCS5 for Mac and previewing in Safari and Firefox using localhost as my testing server. I have 3 Parallels virtual machines setup; 1 with IE6, 1 with IE7, and one with IE8. How do I add each of these browsers to my "Preview in Browser" list so that I can preview straight from DWCS5?


      I know how to add a browser by choosing "Edit Browser List..." from the "Preview in Browser" toolbar menu. I just don't know the path on my hard drive to the actual IE6.exe, IE7.exe and IE8.exe files so that I can choose each from the dialog box that results from choosing "Edit Browser List...".


      I don't want to upload to a remote testing server every time I change something and then point to it from the browser from within Parallels. I want to test locally.


      I am familiar with tredosoft.com and am not interested in running several versions of IE in one virtual machine. Besides, that still doesn't help me find the path to the IE.exe so I can add it to my "Preview in Browser" list.


      Thanks in advance.