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    Two Flash CS4 Questions Here


      I need help with two things related to Flash CS4.

      First, I'm designing an entire webpage in Flash and used text for the navigation bar.  I converted all four

      links to Button symbols, but when I write Actionscript for the "home" link so it goes and plays "Page 1," I get an error that says Flash can't recognize a null object reference.  How do I fix this so when I click on the link it takes me to the frame I desire?


      Second, on one of my pages I want to put a couple drop down menus; one that when you select a certain choice on it, it displays said choice on the screen in text.  The other drop down menu I'd like to display a certain image when you make a choice from the drop down menu.  My question is not only how to do either of those actions, but how do I make a drop down menu in Flash CS4 in general?  Thank you all for your help, God knows I need it bad!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          for your first issue, click file/publish settings/flash and tick "permit debugging" and retest.  the error message will pinpoint the line of code with the non-existant object.  fix that.



          for your dropdown issues, start by using google:  flash <your actionscript version> dropdown menu tutorial

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