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    Comments and advice on this new system please.

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      I am about to place an order for a new computer setup to run with CS5 Production premium;


      I have done much research to the point I am getting confused and thought I would fly this by the group with more hands on experience than what I may have. I do not want to make any expensive mistakes , did that last year with a core I7 920:


      Here are my points of confusion.


      I will be running with a I7 980x processor & plan to use 24 git of ram.

      **Does it make any sense to buy an aftermarket cooler with this unit, don't intend to over clock, but ya` never know.

      **Perhaps something like the Noctua NH-U12P-Se2


      >>But will if fit in all the motherboards I have listed below ??


      I will need to buy a mother board which can accommodate 3 pcie cards and not slow down the throughput in other lanes. / Is that even possible: / if so / which cards in which lanes / see mother board selection below.


      These are the 3 motherboards I am considering / any feedback with the above in mind.


      Gigabyte GA-X58A - UD5  or UD7

      Asus P6X58D-E

      Asus Sabertooth X58


      Video Card will be pny Quadro 4000 (single slot, right,/ that is why I picked this one?)


      Also an "RME" PCIe Audio Card. http://www.rme-audio.de/en_products_hdspe_aio.php

      1-Lane PCI Express Endpoint device (no PCI Express to PCI Bridge),


      Plus / perhaps a  Raid controller card..

      Still some confusion there, please see my recent post regarding G-Tech and other external Raid setups.


      I intend to go with an Antec 850 w power supply, would anyone suggest higher ?

      Case will be the Antec 1200, not for the looks.

      I already have one, runs nice and cool and quiet, might be an issue with number of drive bays.


      **Any advice on something which runs as cool and quiet at the Antec 1200 but has more available bays,


      Will probably at one point be running at least 7 hard drives, plus a Blue Ray Burner & a CD Burner Combo..

      No need to ask why. :-)


      >>If I go with an eternal raid setup, 4 of those 7 drives may be external..


      OK Guys / what am I doing wrong with the above?


      I need some reliable advice on things I should consider with the above setup...


      I plan to place the order next week / so please chime in and save me any expensive mistakes..


      **I know about the Quadro 4000 and the GTX 470 comparison issues posted here, so perhaps we don't need to get into that.


      Thanks  A Bunch / most appreciated !