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    RH9 - window caption not correct in generated html-output


      I installed RH9 and opened an existing project coming from RHX5 in the new RH9.


      When generating HTML Help, the window caption of the output displays "HTML Help" instead of the name I gave to the default window (in my case: "Rimses 5.6 Help").


      In RHX this was related to the default language in the Robohelp-project (Dutch in my case) versus the Regional settings of the PC.We had a workaround by adding in the HHP-file / Section "Options" the text   "Language=0x409 English (United States)".


      Now, in RH9, this workaround is not working anymore.

      I tried several things:

      - removing he workaround in the HHP-file

      - changing the regional settings of my PC

      - checking the project settings, html settings, default window  etc.


      Anyone an idea how to solve this in RH9?