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    Missing "Add-ons" toolbar in Adobe Reader X


      In Adobe Reader 8.1.1 I implemented buttons in the "Add-ons" toolbar with Javascript.

      This toolbar was activated by right-mouse click in the standard-toolbar and checking on "Zusatzprogramme"

      (i don't know the english term). The internal name of the toolbar is "JSAppToolbar.


         cName:     "DirektDruck",
         cExec:     "pp = event.target.getPrintParams();" +
                    "fv = pp.constants.flagValues;" +
                    "pp.pageHandling = pp.constants.handling.none;" +
                    "pp.interactive = pp.constants.interactionLevel.automatic;" +
                    "pp.flags |= fv.supressCenter;" +
                    "pp.flags &= ~fv.suppressRotate;" +
                    "pp.flags &= ~fv.setPageSize;" +
                    "pp.printerName = "+ "'" + global.vvwpriname +"';" +
         cEnable:   "event.rc = (event.target != null);",
         cTooltext: "Direktdruck",
         cLabel:    "Direktdruck",
         nPos:      0});




      In Adobe Reader X the "Add-ons" toolbar seems to be disappeared.

      When viewing an PDF-Dokument with Adobe Reader X by accidently i saw the tools-panel "Werkezeuge" (called tools in the english version). There i found my buttons created by JAVASCRIPT. Viewing another PDF-Dokument the tools-panel doesn't appear.



         Here the panel "Werkzeuge" (Tools) appears:



         Here the panel "Werkzeuge" (Tools) is not displayed:



      1. Where can I define the appearance of the panel "Werkzeuge" (Tools).

      2: I want to place my own buttons (with javascript) in a toolbar, because our users are not amused to click through menus. The solution in older Acrobat Reader Versions was perfect !! How can i achieve this requirement.