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    MPEG2 MXF IMX PAL export problem




      This is new for me (IMX PAL) so I do not know it is a bug or a simple user error.

      What went wrong? My steps:

      1. Export a video from AE in YUV 422 avi format

      2. Import it to PPro (Black Magic Design PAL preset)

      3. Export it to desired IMX 50 SD PAL MXF.

      4. Then import this MXF to recheck it before delivery.

      I was shocked. Colors were altered in a strange way comparing with original video.

      Trying to find out what is wrong I exported again to MXF but this time to XDCAMHD PAL preset and this time colors were OK (but of course not desired format). So it seams that only MXF IMX PAL is "affected" on my system. After this I decided to make a simple image of my problem.

      This is one frame from timeline with composition of original bars and tone, exported avi YUV422, MXF IMX 50 PAL and MXF XDCAMHD 50 PAL.

      All files imported back to PPro timeline and exported as a tga frame. You see, only IMX PAL is wrong.

      IMX SD PAL problem_small.jpg


      This may be isolated to my system only so before contacting Adobe support I want to ask if somebody could check this for me.

      Thank You!

      Robert Falkowski, MM Studio.

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          bobas007 Level 1

          Sorry to say I get no answer from support :/

          So... What software can I use to get proper IMX 50 .mxf video file?

          I am on PC.

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            bobas007 Level 1

            May I ask again about my problem?


            Almost one year later and now my local TV station insists on delivering IMX 50 SD PAL (via ftp) and still I have no workaround for color shift on export :/

            Could somebody export 1 sec of  PPro CS5 timeline to .mxf IMX 50 SD PAL then import exported clip and compare it with timeline content?

            Mind You, it has to be IMX SD, HD is ok.


            I need an answer badly because I have not know if it is a Premiere CS5 error or only my sys problem.


            BTW1: I do not know why Adobe support ignored me completely :/ Sad but true.

            BTW2: Is there any (new) software to export/convert video to (.mxf) IMX 50 SD PAL format file?

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              Numediaweb Level 1

              In Adobe media encoder cs 5.5 there's an option to export to MXF with presets for IMX.. check theis picture:Adobe-media-encoder-IMX.jpg

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                bobas007 Level 1

                Yes. Using this preset I get chroma shift mentioned above.


                I checked this problem on other system running CS6.

                Nothing fancy. Just one sd pal file on timeline exported using IMX 50 PAL preset. Back to timeline...

                The same problem. Shame.

                Meanwhile I use ffmbc to produce IMX SD PAL MXF.

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                  scattar Level 1

                  I see this same problem on my Windows system. Exporting an IMX OP1a IMX 50 causes a rather dramtic shift in colour, particularly in the red and green channels. As this is the format that is becoming the standard in the UK for digital delivery, would anyone from Adobe care to comment?