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    Path used in SaveAS resets in Reader X


      When a user opens one pdf and saves it to another location, the path chosen for save to was remembered for the next pdf opened and SaveAs in Version 8 and 9.

      In Version X the path is reset to the newly opened documents path...


      Is there any registry key or simular to make version X remember the path chosen for saving?

      Any way to set a default "saveAs" path in Reader X ?

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          I am having the same problem and would like some help/answers!    It is very frustrating to have to browse to the same  subdirectory when saving 20 or more files.  I did not have this problem before Reader X.  I'm noramlly a very mild mannered person, but this problem infuriates me because I don't have the time to do this repeatedly.  PS. Reader X takes a LONG time to open files.  Wish I could go back to 9.