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    Submit a form button on PDF file




      I have created a form with Adobe Acrobat 9.


      On the form there are some textfields which can be filled with text, date, number or time.


      I have created a Reset a Form button which works perfectly and removes all entered data.


      I have alse created an Submit a Form with an url: mailto:xxx@xx.xx, it works, but not all the way. When I enter the required data in the text fields and click on the Submit button, only a xxx.tmp form gets created as an email attachement, which can't be opened by the receives because the received file is looking for the localhost.


      Als when a full pdf gets created as an email attachement the entered data gets wiped, so the receiver only gets a blank pdf file without the entered data.


      Does anyone have a solution for me?




      M. Cobanoglu