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    ValidatorGroupSubscriber fails to refresh so validation is not graphically working

    MrKoinkoin Level 1

      When a ValidatorGroupSubscriber is added to a view its react correctly at first VO instanciation/binding but does not "refresh" when the targetted VO is updated. This cause the validation to fail graphically (eg. there's no more red border shown while a field is erroneous)


      You can easily reproduce the bug with the insync modular example :

      1- launch insync shell

      2- get at least two contacts in the search grid

      3- double-click on the first

      4- clear the firstname field (for example of a mandatory field) -> the field is "border red" decorated

      5- set somehting inside the field -> the red border disapear OK

      6- double-click on another contact from the grid

      7- repeat operation 4 and see how the application react : -> no red border appears, VO's validation is still enabled and working (save button not enabled) but nothing appear at view level.


      Going deeper in debug mode seems to indicate "watcher/linstener" from validator is not correctly affected while you change the VO.


      Please confirm the bug and tell if this could be corrected/fixed/correct with workaround


      Thx for all


      PS:I've already post this in the dev forum... guess it' was not the right place to put it so I apologize if this seems to be "spam-like"