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    XDCAM movs from FCP


      I'm currently working on a project in Premiere Pro CS5 with material originally sourced from FCP as XDCAM-EX 1080p 25fps. Unfortunately the original BPAVs are currently unable to be located & I've had to use the transcoded .movs which FCP creates. I have purchased the Calibrated XD Decode codec & installed & this appears to work (the watermark has disappeared at least). However playback is stuttering after a couple of seconds of playback. I know my laptop has enough processing power as it can playback the clips in Quicktime Pro without stuttering.


      FYI Laptop is a G73JW with Intel i7940QM running 8gb RAM, 500GB drive, nVidia GTX460M graphics. Normally this handles the BPAVs without any issues affecting performance. I'm wondering whether it's the 32bit Quicktime translation that might be causing this.


      Once rendered these clips playback fine but obviously this would not be an ideal workflow. As I am creating split screen effect edits & plan to export them for another FCP editor to work on I'm all ears for any ideas on the best way to do this.



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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          As chance would have it, I was just discussing this issue with Greg from Calibrated Software (very helpful guy!) yesterday via email. I'm going to be purchasing the DV50/DVCPROHD decoders, but had previously tried XD Decode, and noticed the slowdown. This is what he had to say:


          Per the XML file - yep it can be used with Calibrated{Q} XD Decode for Windows too.

          Basically the XML file is modified from the one that comes with PPro - and it just tells Adobe CS5 applications (AE and PPro) that our Decode codecs support native YUV decoding - thus PPro will ask our Decode codecs for YUV frames which in turn makes the performance/playback much much faster.

          Without the XML file, PPro asks our codecs for 8-bit RGB frames - which then takes a big hit on playback - as our codecs must first decompress the data to YUV and then convert the YUV to RGB and then hand to PPro. The XML file let's PPro know that it can just ask for the YUV frames directly.


          You can get the XML file and instructions here: Why are XDCAM/HDV MOV files not playing back in realtime on my computer?

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            Tonkaspaz Level 1

            Thanks Colin,


            I've installed the xml file as instructed but it seems to make no diffence. The stuttering persists. I'm copying the file here (Windows 7):




            I've restarted, tried playing with Calibrated XD options but nothing makes a difference.