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    Any way to adjust sensitivity in Premiere Elements 9?


      I am using a Canopus ADVC 300 to capture analogue video, I have two machines and had Elements installed on a machine with Windows XP Home and a Phenom II 955 slightly overclocked, and a Nvidia GTX460 assisting with encoding using CUDA.  However, I would get lock ups, freezing and general bad behaviour from Elements.  Putting this down to the fact it may not like XP that much with Windows 7 around, I uninstalled and put Premiere on my other machine running a Phenom II 945 and a Radeon HD5850 running Windows 7. 

      Problem I now have is that any break in the material I am importing causes Premiere to stop importing and deal with the material it has already imported.  I do not want it to do this - I just want it to capture the entire tape and I will deal with the gaps and dropped frames myself.  I can't understand why it does this and didn't on the other machine...is there any way to say that I just want to copy the tape, as in Sony Vegas?

      Thanks in anticipation!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It doesn't matter if you use Vegas, Pinnacle, Windows MovieMaker or  WinDV to capture your video -- as long as your AVDC is capturing your  video over a FireWire connection as DV-AVIs your video will work  perfectly in Premiere Elements.


          However, most capture  programs (Premiere Elements included) have features for breaking scenes  based on timecode and for stopping capture if frames are dropped. These  features are terribly confused by AVDC captures because they include no  timecode.


          All you've got to do is go into the capture  utility's Device Manager and turn off the option to stop capture on  dropped frames and you'll be fine.


          XP and Windows 7 (at least the 32-bit version) should both work great with Premiere Elements 9, as long as you  keep your OS and Quicktime tuned and up to date, you keep your drives  clear of tmp files and spyware and you ensure that you've optimized the  operating system so that you haven't got over 50 or so processes running  in the background.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            PrE does not use CUDA, like PrPro CS5 does. Other than a few GPU Effects & Transitions, PrE only uses the GPU for playback, and not for any processing. Also note, even with CS5 and its MPE (Mercury Playback Engine), acceleration of some aspects of the program will be enhanced by CUDA and Hardware MPE, and only with approved nVidia cards. ATI/AMD cards do not support CUDA, so they will not provide additional benefit. They use OpenCL instead, and the additional power of those cards, will not be tapped by CS5. Playback is enhanced by CUDA/MPE, and only some processing, like MPEG Export, rely on CUDA for enhanced processing. For a complete rundown of CUDA/MPE, take a look at this ARTICLE.


            What is probably happening is that you have broken TimeCode, probably caused by doing some Rewind and Play, or the tape, and when it's reset, there isa gap in that TimeCode, by even a few "frames."


            In Edit>Preferences>Capture, you can set how PrE handles "Dropped Frames," and also whether "Device Control TimeCode" is used. I assume that you have explored these settings, and they do not get you past the broken TimeCode. Is that correct?


            What is the make/model of the camera that you have hooked to the Canopus?


            You might find that you have much more control and can get the Capture done, as you wish, with a a Capture utility, like ScenAlyzer Live. Many feel that it, and also the free utility, HDVSplit, are the Capture utilities, that Adobe should have gone with, as they both offer more controls. I use ScenAlyzer Live with my Canopus, but am Capturing form a VHS deck in most cases. There is also a free version of ScenAlyzer, with fewer features.


            Good luck,



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              nealeh Level 5

              PRE does that - use WinDV or Exsate DV Capture Live to capture from your ADVC. Note that WinDV automatically captures in DV-AVI Type 2, Exsate has several options so ensure that you capture in DV-AVI Type 2. Be aware that WinDV does not preview the audio during capture, Exsate does but has a small non-resizable window.


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                One other consideration with Win7-64 is that the installed FireWire driver is usually the wrong one. Take a look at this ARTICLE.


                Good luck,



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                  davagixxer61 Level 1

                  Everybody - Thanks very much for your input!  This is the first time I have

                  ever posted to a forum in 16 years on the net and I'm blown away by the

                  response.  I am a real newbie at video, thinking my audio skills would be

                  transferable - by and large they're not!

                  Thanks once again everyone who has mailed me