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    DNG converter works automatically for NEF but not NRW


      I have this issue with the DNG converter and Adobe Camera Raw 6.3. I run Windows 7 64 bit, and use the DNG in my worklflow with a program called Image Ingester Pro, where the card is downloaded with three copies (original and two backups) on separate internal hard drives, put in folders and renumbered, and the DNG converter is applied to the original and back up #1, leaving me only dng files in those hard drives. The original raw format is saved to the back up #2.


      This works incredibly well with NEF files from my D2x. No issues. Using the latest download of the converter.


      I have a Nikon P7000 that shoots a raw file that is a NRW file, which Camera Raw 6.3 and LR 3.3 now supports with this latest converter. I run the same program, and the DNG converter fails to run. It leaves me with NRW files in all three hard drives. I can then locate the folder, open the converter as a standalone program, and run the converter, and it converts the files. I then have to search for the NRW files and delete them, leaving me the DNG files in these 2 folders.


      The same issue happens on my laptop runing Windows Vista 64 bit.


      I have tried every work around including deleting the download and doing a fresh download of the converter. Somewhere the program stops when it sees the NRW file. Has an additional prompt or step been added? Is it a new administrative permission, that does not occur with the NEF files? This is really perplexing. Nikon is continuing to use this file format with the D7000 and possibly other cameras. Do we have to wait until ACR 6.4 is released for a fix?