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    CS5 Font Embedding in Custom Components


      So, I'm making a custom component with custom fonts. There's a bunch of steps here, so I'll try to make them as simple as possible.


      First we create a MC with the functionality we want.

      Then we add all necessary symbols to frame 2 of the movieclip

      Convert the symbol to a component by changing its Component Properties

      Create a new Shim FLA that has the same items in the library with an additional shim MC

      right click the shim MC to convert it to a compiled swf

      include this compiled shim symbol in frame 2 of the main fla


      Now everything about this process works great until you need to embed a font


      Embedding fonts is now done in the library, so I would think you'd drop the fonts onto the stage on frame 2 like any other needed MC.


      This sort of works. The font seems to be included, the screen blnks, but the timeline doesn't show a full keyframe, and no object is on the stage.


      This works temporarily -- you can drop the font in in, then copy the component symbol to a new file and the font comes along.

      But, when you drop the main fla in the components directory, and then add the component using the components panel, the font is missing. Is this an oversight on Flash's part or is there some other way of wizardry to do this?