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    Timecode vibrating

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      1920x1080 souce footage



      I have a 1 hour clip video track 1 that is time remapped at various points. Final clip length is about 1 minute.


      In track 2 I have a cropped timecode that is synchronized in time remapped points to speed up and slow down with the video.





      every 9 seconds the timecode moves up a little bit. During the fast parts is moves (vibrates) alot and doesn't look good. There are no motion keyframes involved. I do have the timecode cropped to get rid of the numerical frames, but, no keyframes involved in crop.


      Video shot in 29.97 and this problem exists whether the timecode is in 30 drop frame format or 30 non drop frame format. Same result.



      More info:


      I have had the video work when the timecode is not cropped but I need the timecode display without the frames. Just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced / heard of this.



      Thanks in advance