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    Acrobat Reader 10.0.1 and HP DesignJet 1055CM+ incompatibility


      Hello -


      I'm an IT administrator with my organization and we recently experienced a compatibility issue.


      We have four plotters on our network, one of which is a HP DesignJet 1055CM+. We're currently running Windows 7 64bit on the machines that connect to the plotter over the network. This plotter seems to no longer be officially supported by the manufacturer under Windows 7, but Microsoft offers drivers from Windows Update.


      Microsoft offers -

      - PostScript drivers

      - HP/GL2 drivers


      For full flexibility in media handling in Autodesk products, we have installed the HP/GL2 drivers. (For the 1055CM+, this happens to be version 4.82 available from Microsoft.)


      Now, on all the other plotters, Acrobat 10.0.1 can use the plotters fine (again, wih HP/GL2 drivers). However, in combination with the 1055CM, a bug was discovered.


      BUG: Acrobat Reader 10.0.1 could not discover the correct paper size.


      In the printer setup in the Printer Control Panel in Windows, we have ensured using HP's printer drivers that it is configured to use the media we wish to use, a roll of ARCH E1 sized (30 x 42) paper. We have also determined using Acrobat's advanced printer configuration window that the correct media is selected. However, on the main print configuration window, it automatically selects 8.5x11 media and ignores any other available size.


      None of the other plotters (DesignJet 750+, DesignJet 800) exhibit this behavior.


      Fix attempted: Update 10.0 to 10.0.1 - no change

      Fix attempted: Update HP/GL2 drivers to version 4.84, available for Windows Vista - no change


      Current workaround: Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9.x continues to work properly, so many of our users have been downgraded back to 9.4.2.

      Another workaround: Some of our users use Bluebeam, and it continues to work fine with the 1055CM+.


      Please respond if you can help.


      - Greg