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    Overclocking and Premiere Resources

    Pyramid Pyro Level 1

      Hello all,


      I'm looking for some advice (or a blessing) regarding some recent changes I've made to my editing system.


      -  i7 930 overclocked to 3.6 (stock is 2.8)

      -  Cooled by a Corsair H50

      -  Asus P6T SE

      -  12 GB 1600 DDR 3

      -  1 150GB veoliraptor and 3 1TB F3s (non-raid)

      -  CoolerMaster HafX case

      -  EVGA GTX470

      -  Windows 7 Pro 64

      -  CS5 Prod. Prem.


      I've been running this at 3.2 for months with no problems.  It's been rock solid.  Then all of a sudden the old overclocking failed.  Time to step up and do it myself (I had the builder overclock it originally).


      I ran the newly overclocked settings of 3.6 under Prime85 for just over 3 hours to start (I will most likely do a 24 hour test this weekend).  That resulted in a 100% CPU load that sent the max core temps to about 73-77 C (the highest max number was definitely 77 and the other three were 70-75).


      I left the overclock settings in place and ran Premiere Pro CS5 exporting an HDV file to MPEG2 for Blu-ray with some effects (NEAT, basic keyframing, minor color correction if any, titles, etc).  That resulted in an average CPU load of about 50-70% and sent the max core temps to about 65-66 C (it was definitely under 70).


      In each case the ram (recognized at all 12GB) didn't really push past 1/3.  I thought it would have done more.


      My guess is that all is OK since Prime95 didn't error out and the max temps, while not optimmum, are not in the danger zone.  Further, since PPro exports will be the most intensive process on my machine and it doesn't push as much as Prime95, then I should be OK to run this configuration from here on out.


      Any tips or advice would be appreciated.  I did this following the overclocking tutorial posted by the great Harm and other tutorials on overclocking forums (how-to's and folks with similar configurations).  Just looking for anything I might be forgetting though the responsibility for overclocking ultimately rests with me.