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    Hardware setup not enough to playback HD footage?

    philitup43 Level 1

      I am very frustrated with  Premiere's very slow and choppy playback and am trying to determine  where the bottleneck is occuring.  I watch Adobe demos of 9 simultaneous  HD clips with multiple effects applied running smoothly, and cannot  understand why I get nowhere near this performance.


      I tried to configure a system that could take on some serious workloads but am getting crappy results.


      System stats:


      Premiere 5.0.3

      3.2 Four Core (8 thread) Intel CPU

      Nvidia GTX 285 1GB (with all latest drivers and CUDA drivers)

      24 GB DDR3 RAM

      SSD drive


      Trying  to play back 1920x1080 .mts footage with ultra key, color correction,  and contrast effects.  8-10 more layers of short 4-5 second After  Effects comps.


      I try to playback the sequence  but get VERY CHOPPY playback, even when I look at my activity monitor  and see my CPU never gets above 65% and my GPU never over 10% and VRAM stays  around 19%.


      In addition, playback is identical whether or  not GPU Acceleration is turned on in the Project Settings and even when I  shut off visibility of several layers.


      Is this normal?  Am I just expecting too much? Can anyone help me determine what the problem is?



      Does .mts footage run choppy?

      Do After Effects comps affect playback speed and smoothness?

      Even though Premiere tells me it is GPU Accelerated is it really not?


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated!