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    Problems with Reader 10.0.1 installation/printing


      I tried to download Reader 10.0.1 and got a notice that I had to close Internet Explorer since they had to be updated. I closed everything except the download window (including the internet connection application) and continued to get the same message. I have had nothing but problems with Acrobat Reader since I last tried to download it (10.0) and have been unable to print anything in Acrobat since that time. I just want a version of Reader that works and that will actually download and install on  my computer (Vista).

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          I've had the same problem. Kept getting pop up windows saying I needed Adobe Flash. Went thought all the same steps of closing explorer; but could never get it downloaded. I finally told it to download (from the Adobe website) and allowed it to also download McAfee ......which I don't need........and Flash finally loaded. Is there something else that wants to load with Adobe? I have a brand new computer with OS XP-Professional and think that may be part of the problem. As for printing.........when I leave the document open during the entire print it works OK. If I close it or ptint from the file folder it comes out in a foreign language (I think).  Not only are words changed but even number! Also, everytime I look into Documents and Settings, Temp Files, after printing from Adobe every conceivable language as a BIN file is listed.