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    Disappearing Dynamic Links


      Here's a problem that I frequently encountered in PPro CS4 and had not encountered in CS5 until my current project: I dynamically link many compositions in AE (also CS5) to my Project in PPro. I save the project in PPro, close PPro, shut down for the night and the next morning when I reboot and open PPro, the placeholders for the dynamic links are there, but the links have that ugly "Media Offline" red screen that means I have to go to each link, delete it (there's no way in PPro to relink as a proxy as in AE) and reimport it into the PPro project, where it works fine...until the next time.


      Everything is on the same drive in one big master folder. I am importing individual compositions from a larger .aep file that resides in an After Effects directory in the main project folder. Machine is a Quad core i7, Win7, 16GB RAM, and dual SSDs with no RAID.


      Is this a feature or a bug?